The VanSickle Farm
Family name VanSickle
Other family names Hamilton
Community Onondaga

A History of the Homes and the People who Lived There

The VanSickle Farm: Lot 37 to 40 River Range was purchased in in 1864 by Abram I. VanSickle for his son George. Their log house stood near the present woodlot, by a good spring. One Sunday when the family was away the house burned to the ground.

Another house was built where George and His wife Janet (Wood) lived with their family of four girls and one son. This was another, location again beside a good spring.

In 1886 George died suddenly, leaving his only son Abram W. to carry on which he did and in 1899 Abram married Jane (Hamilton). Their family consisted of one daughter and one Son. Marion and George. For many years George planned to build a house nearer the River Road, so he planted a rectangular plot of Spruce trees, complete with rows of Maples and also an orchard, hedges and a garden. But owing to his early death, this was not accomplished.

In 1910, Abram W. built what is now the Red Brick Home. An illustrious home for its' time. Gas lit with a gas furnace and fully plumbed.

In 1929 George Hamilton VanSickle married Janet (Sage). They had four children. Two sons and two daughters. Betty Jane, Eleannor, Robert and Donald. George carried on farming this land. Abram passed away in 1930 and Mrs. VanSickle moved to Brantford. George and Janet moved into the Red Brick House.

In 1959 George's son Robert married Patricia (Shorter) and carried on the tradition of farming with his father. Robert and Patricia had three children, one son and two daughters. Shawn, Becky and Jennifer. George and Janet built a small brick cottage on the farm to retire in as Robert and Patricia were living in the Red Brick Farm House. This house has since been sold to Robert's daughter Jennifer and family.

Donald VanSickle also carried on farming with his father and brother and in 1966 married Barbara (Greenough). They had two children, one daughter and one son. Pamela and Peter. Another home was built on the farm for Donald and Barbara. This house has also been sold, as Donald and Barbara moved to another farm on Baptist Church Road. Donald and Barbara' son Peter is also farming. He married Kandice (Usher) in 2006. They have one son and one daughter and live in Carluke beside an elevator purchased in 2005.

Robert's son Shawn also loved the farm and is carrying on the tradition of farming. Shawn married Cynthia (Plant) in 1981 and Shawn and Cindy have three children, two sons and one daughter. Joshua, Jacob and Kerri. Shawn and Cynthia for several years resided in the home built for Donald and Barbara until in 1988 another farm was purchased on Hamilton Road, and then the family moved there. This was the home where Jane Hamilton was born and raised.

Robert passed away in 2004 and Patricia now lives off the farm. Donald has now retired.

Shawn's older son Joshua enjoyed the farming life as well, and is now farming along side of his father and cousin Peter. Joshua married Ashley (Dixon) in 2009. Joshua and Ashley are living in the Red Brick Farm House.

Joshua is the sixth generation to work and live on this wonderful acreage, bordered on the south side by the Grand River and on the west by Fairchild's creek.

As we understand Abram I. VanSickle who purchased the land did not actually farm it. Joshua is the fourth generation to live in the Red Brick Farm House.

Patricia VanSickle, February 11th, 2012


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