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Orville giles +While I was a young kid growing up in the town of Harrisburg.he taught me and showed me many unknown places that time had long forgotten about..Like the massasauga Indian burial site location that's just off the main Rd .Near hwy 99.. Where now I'm sure the big house that sits directly onto of dozens of graves and artifacts that I would find on summer days . Arrowhead s. Stockpiles of blackflint. I wonder everytime i drive past that house how they could live there. I'm sure they must know by now that something isn't right. I remember Mr.norman who owned the only remaining hotel..And buying a bottle of coke for a nickel..I believe the scrapyard was the school ..And the old church behind the cemetery where I went one time . The very last time the doors where open for a Christmas play..Right after it was torn down. Allmost all the older graves are either completely deteriorated or have sunk so deep into the soil never to be seen again..As is all the ruins from a once thriving city.  +

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