Paris Junction
Address Address::70 Banfield St.
Located in ,|x|Located in::x}}
Built in Built in::1854
Renovated in ,|x|Renovated in::x}}
Original function Historic function::Business
Coordinates Coordinates::43.2014988° -80.3923511°

The Paris Junction station in 1907, shortly before being replaced. Original photo held by the Paris Museum and Historical Society

The Paris Junction was the junction between the two railway lines that ran through Paris, which belonged to the Great Western Railway and the Buffalo-Goderich Railway. Both lines were later taken over by the Grand Trunk Railway, and are still operated today by Canadian National Railways.

Passenger service, however, is no longer provided. The Paris Junction station was demolished in 1907, replaced by the Helen St. railway station that has also been demolished many years ago.

Memories about Paris Junction

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