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Oakland Pioneer Cemetery
Address King St. & Brant St.
Located in Oakland
Township Oakland Township
Active No
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United Empire Loyalists plaque

Oakland Pioneer Cemetery is located at the main intersection in Oakland, King St. & Brant St. (Brant Road # 24 & Brant Road # 4). It is the oldest cemetery in Oakland Township, and contains the graves of village pioneers dating back as far as 1811.

Grave listing

 Last nameIn rangeGrave number
Sarah E. BeebeBeebe11
W. Tyler JayJay12
John JayJay13
William J. SlaghtSlaght14
Agness E. BickellBickell15
Mary Elizabeth RobertsRoberts16
Misty SilverthornSilverthorn17
Martha BeemerBeemer18
Matthew MessacarMessacar19
Oakland Pioneer 1-10Illegible110
William C. MalcolmMalcolm111
Alexander McKayMcKay112
Malcolm WoodleyWoodley113
Eliza D. BeachamBeacham114
Jemima GibbsGibbs115
Andrew SteinhoSteinho116
Barbara HerbertHerbert117
Phebe HerbertHerbert117
Adam WymerWymer118
Susan WinegardenWinegarden119
Surrilla MerrittMerritt120
Myra SmithSmith121
Elizabeth Westbrook FairchildFairchild122
Hannah Steinhoff MalcolmMalcolm123
Sarah A. Bush HorneHorne124
Moses BaldwinBaldwin125
Margaret Ann RobertsRoberts126
Mary E. RobertsRoberts126
Mary Ann Westbrook EadieEadie127
Sarah MessecarMessecar128
John WinegardenWinegarden129
Elizabeth WymerWymer130
Sophia WinegardenWinegarden131
Conrad WinegardenWinegarden131
Isaac WheelerWheeler132
Electra A. WheelerWheeler132
Lewis SmithSmith133
Oakland Pioneer 1-34Illegible134
Margaret WoodleyWoodley135
Alphreda WestbrookWestbrook135
Elizabeth Brown McIntyreMcIntyre137
Peter SlaghtSlaght138
Ann RobertsRoberts139
Oakland Pioneer 1-40Illegible140
James MarkleMarkle141
Welby SecordSecord142
Edith Walker SecordSecord142
Matthias WoodleyWoodley143
Sanford B. KingKing144
Oakland Pioneer 1-45Illegible145
Oakland Pioneer 1-46Illegible146
Margaret KellyKelly148
Nichol McIntyreMcIntyre149
Mary VivyanVivyan150
William VincentVincent151
Mariam JonesJones152
Cornelia AbbottAbbott153
Milford AbbottAbbott153
George KeyKey154
Barbara KeyKey154
John PetriePetrie155
Elizabeth SaylesSayles156
Soloman SaylesSayles156
Finlay MalcolmMalcolm157
Gustavus Vasa MalcolmMalcolm158
Asasire SmithSmith158
Mary Smith (1849)Smith159
Penelope AbbottAbbott160
Hannah M. SheldenShelden161
Ester Ann SmithSmith162
Mary ButtlerButtler163
James ButtlerButtler163
Fanny MalcolmMalcolm164
Charity SmithSmith165
Hellen RuncheyRunchey165
Susan BaldwinBaldwin166
Oakland 1-67Ackley167
Mary Buttler (1812)Buttler168
Alletta MalcolmMalcolm169
Oakland 1-70Illegible170
Oakland 1-71Illegible171
William G. SmithSmith173
Susan SilverthornSilverthorn174
Martha LeeLee175
John Oakland 1-77Illegible177
Hiram Westbrook (1851)Westbrook178
Eli HaysHays21
Sarah Elizabeth VanderlipVanderlip22
James GuileGuile23
Susan SmithSmith24
James Smith (1828)Smith25
Anna HouseHouse26
Whiting T SmithSmith27
Oakland 2-8Illegible28
Hugh MalcolmMalcolm29
Susan BinghamBingham210
Oakland 2-11Illegible211
Charity SuttonSutton212
Tryphena MalcolmMalcolm213
Fanny Tyler MalcolmMalcolm214
Christiane McIntyreMcIntyre215
Caroline R. RuncheyRunchley216
Mary Ann LockLock217
Eliakim D. KingKing218
Amelia McIntyreMcIntyre219
Haggai WestbrookWestbrook220
Phebe BaldwinBaldwin221
Mary Beemer SteinhoffSteinhoff222
Mary Sayles WestbrookWestbrook223
Amanda BaldwinBaldwin223
Mary BaldwinBaldwin223
Coonrod WinegardenWinegarden225
Omri EdyEdy226
Oakland Dunnett 2-27Dunnett227
Sally Marie Stevenson BinghamBingham228
Abraham WinegardenWinegarden229
Nancy MassecarMassecar230
Mary McMasturMcMastur231
Catherine SmithSmith232
Margaret Brown LeflerLefler233
Robert VanderlipVanderlip234
Mary VanderlipVanderlip234
Oakland 2-35Illegible235
Hiram WestbrookWestbrook236
Catharine Westbrook LeflerCatharine237
Ambrose SmithSmith238
Archibald BrownBrown239
Sarah SmithSmith240
Polly EdyEdy241
Frances B. BinghamBingham242
Joseph SilverthornSilverthorn243
Abbigail McQueen SmithSmith244
John MalcolmMalcolm245
Oakland 2-46Illegible246
Emma YoungYoung247
John McIntyreMcIntyre248
Thomas NunnickNunnick249
Hannah NunnickNunnick249
Mary PerryPerry250
Edwin SaylesSayles251
Henry GatesGates251
Mileson SalesSales253
Barnett WoodleyWoodley254
Lidia MacCoombs MassacarMassacar255
Isabella BinghamBingham256
Mary Chapin MalcolmMalcolm257
Adeline MartinMartin258
William ThompsonThompson259
Elias MitchellMitchell260
James M. JayJay261
Catharine Rebecca RuncheyRunchey262
Tyler JayJay263
James A. SmithSmith264
Andrew MasecarMasecar265
David Louis BeebeBeebe266
Emma B. BritamartBritamart267
Andross SilverthornSilverthorn268

Memories about Oakland Pioneer Cemetery

You can contribute your own memories about Oakland Pioneer Cemetery by clicking here.


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