Lydia Dean
Last name Dean
First name Lydia
Buried in Hatchley Cemetery
Date of birth 1850
Spouse of Levi Dean
Range 2
Number 1
1851 - 1924
LYDIA, His Wife
1850 - 19--

Note: Lydia's date of death is not specified. Lydia is Lydia Sweazey daughter of Andrew James and Mary Weaver Sweazey. Andrew Sweazey born 13 Aug 1813,son of Barnabus and Lydia Boyles Sweazey of New Jersey. Levi Dean born 29 Mar 1852 Saltfleet Township son of James Dean and Barbara Knowles. James was the son of Samuel and Ruth Howell Dean. James' first wife was Emily Thatcher. Lydia and Levi Dean were married 21 Feb 1871 in Binbrook Twp.

Possible relatives

The people listed below may be relatives of Lydia Dean. The matches are performed automatically by computer, so they may be incorrect and should be verified independently.

Possible spouses:
NameDate of death
Levi Dean1924

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