Several locations in Brant, and in particular, within Paris, make appearance in novels by some of Canada's most reputable authors. A short walking tour will take you through the settings of 3 major works.

The Blind Assassin, Margaret Atwood (2000).

Although it isn't widely advertised or celebrated, Atwood's Booker Prize winning novel is set in a town that shares some distinguished similarities with Paris. Most notably, the community developed under the textile industry, the lead businessman for which erects a large gothic mansion - named "Avilion" in the novel - which eerily resembles the Penmarvian. Paris is never named, but a thorough read of the novel make the theory convincing.

In the Skin of a Lion, Michael Ondaatje (1987)

Ondaatje's reference is almost a fluke, and cultivates none of the in-depth stage setting that our other two examples employ. However, his main character disembarks a train, does some research at the library, and heads to the Arlington for the night. Broadway Street and the Grand River are both mentioned. Who knows whether Ondaatje actually came to Paris for his research, but it's nice to know that we were thought of.

The Island Walkers, John Bemrose.

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