Hamilton Place
Address 165 Grand River St. N.
Located in Paris
Built in 1844
Original function House
Coordinates 43° 11' 47", -80° 23' 3"

Hamilton Place is a cobblestone house in the Doric style designed by Andrew J. Minney and built by Levi Boughton. It was originally the home of Norman Hamilton, an important early businessman, and later his son-in-law artist Paul Wickson; it remained within that family until 1950[1]. It was the original site of the Cobblestone Festival, which has since outgrown a single location[2].

Much like the Mitchell House, Hamilton place is noted for its white pillars in the Greek Revival style and its false side door, all touches carefully designed to balance and conceal its structural needs[3]. The house's interior is matched with similar antique elegance; its French windows[4] light the authentic, period furniture paired with modern touches[5].

Memories about Hamilton Place

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