Hagerman, Charity Henry
First name Charity
Last name Hagerman
Community Scotland

Scotland School painted by Charity Hagerman and donated to the school


Charity E.[Henry] Hagerman was born July 14th, 1893, on the homesteaded farm in Windham Center, Ont. She married Kenneth Hagerman 20 Nov. 1918, having two children, Wray, born 1919 and Robert, born 1931. They lived in Windham Center, Teeterville and finally Scotland where they had a farm 1.5 miles south of Scotland on the Scotland/Oakland Rd. for about 10 years. They then retired, building a home in Scotland on the Scotland/Burford Rd. around 1950. Charity had painted in her early teen years, but didn't continue for quite a long time, starting again in the late 1940's. She did most of her work in Scotland, giving many of her pieces to friends, family, a couple to the Brantford General Hospital and to Scotland School. She worked in oils, and chalks, enjoying scenic views and flowers. She died Oct. 9th, 1984 and is buried along with many of her family in the Vanessa Cemetery. (information supplied by Charity's family)


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