This Wiki is no Longer Maintained Edit

Please note that this wiki has been retired and is no longer maintained by the County of Brant Public Library. All historical content found on this wiki has been migrated to the County of Brant Public Library Digital Historical Collections so that users are able to access all of the library's digital history content from a single location.

To access the County of Brant Public Library Digital Historical Collections please go to:

Thanks to everyone in Brant County and beyond who contributed to this amazing collection. Without your efforts, this project could not have been successful!

If you have any questions, please contact the County of Brant Public Library at 519.442.2433.


You can begin submitting your memories here. Just type in the full name of the person whose memories you're contributing in the box above to begin, then click the "Create or edit" button. If there is already a page for someone with the same name, you can add some extra text to your page's name to be more specific. For example, you might enter your name as John Doe (Paris) if you are from Paris to differentiate your page from another John Doe.

For more help, click here.

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