Burford Canning Factory, c. 1920

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Canadian Milk Products PlantEdit

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Canadian Milk Products Plant, c. 1923-24

The Canadian Milk Products Plant, in Burford, was built in 1916 on Maple Ave. South. It was located southwest of the railway crossing.

Originally a milk products plant, producing items such as powdered milk and ice cream powder, it was purchased in 1932 by The Borden Company who later transformed it into a milk receiving station. Managers include Bob McArter and Harry Henderson. The property was the site of Don Henderson's Technical Services until 2010, when it was purchased by Home Hardware and demolished.

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Burford Canning FactoryEdit

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The Burford Canning Factory in the 1920s

The Burford Canning Factory was located on Maple Ave South in Burford, southwest of the railroad crossing. A brick office, not depicted, was added later near the loading ramp at the side.

The factory was closed in the 1930s.

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Hathaway's MillsEdit

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Hathaway's Mills

Hathaway's Mills was located north of Burford, and was built prior to 1881. The photo depicts the original owner, Samuel Hathaway, by the mill and his wife, Rachel, to the left.

The Hathaways owned properties in Burford, Woodbury and Paris. This mill burned down later; a second mill on the same site also burned down. The site has been owned by Ruth Havens's family since 1944.

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Harley Grist MillEdit

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Harley Grist Mill in 1870

This Harley grist mill was built sometime prior to 1870, which is the time depicted in this image.

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Barney Sweeny's Blacksmith ShopEdit

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Barney Sweeny's Blacksmith Shop, probably 19th century

Barney Sweeny's Blacksmith Shop was located in Cathcart, in lot 15, concession 5.

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Wingrove FarmEdit

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Wingrove Farm

Wingrove Farm was located in Burford in the 8th concession. It was between Maple Ave and Bishopsgate Road.

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