Burford United Church
Address King St. & Alexander St.
Located in Burford
Renovated in 1902
Original function Church
Current function Burned down in 2003

Burford United Church being moved in 1902


2003 fire which destroyed the church

The Burford United Church was built in the 19th century. It was originally located on the southeast corner of Dufferin and William Streets; in 1902, it was moved to King St. & Alexander St. At this time it was also renovated to add a study wing in the west, replacing a gothic window.

Fire broke out in 2003, destroying the church despite the best efforts of firefighters. The fire is dramatically illustrated by a photo taken by Jim Havens at the fire's peak. It was later replaced by a new building.

Memories about Burford United Church

You can contribute your own memories about Burford United Church by clicking here.


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