Arlington Hotel
Address Address::106 Grand River St. N.
Located in ,|x|Located in::x}}
Built in Built in::1851
Original function Historic function::Business
Current function Current function::Hotel
Coordinates Coordinates::43.194136434886126° -80.38480639457703°
Arlington Hotel

Arlington Hotel, from William St.

Arlington 2

View from Grand River St. N

Arlington 3

Corner at William & Grand River St. N

The Arlington Hotel in Paris is a hotel that was built in the 1850s. It is located at 106 Grand River St. N., at the corner of William St.

The Arlington was finally reopened under new ownership in 2014. The, restaurant, the Forks, is a tribute to the original name of Paris as it was originally known as the Fork of the Nith and Grand Rivers.

Memories about Arlington Hotel

You can contribute your own memories about Arlington Hotel by clicking here.


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